Food distributors

Sirio is always looking for area partners to whom it can present a concrete project related to food distribution; there is not only talk of buying and selling food products, but often also of real representation with deposit. The projects conceived, implemented and followed by Sirio are always transversal and “wide-ranging”: linked to an economic aspect, they give the opportunity to offer high-selling products that can also be a valid “door opener” to shops and gourmet catering. Through these products, distributors can finally carve out a real space from the customer, and not just be suppliers contacted “in emergency” when the customer lacks a specific reference.

Food distributors with a sales network behind them

Based on commercial agreements, Sirio offers its collaboration as a strategic partner, interacting with its sales force in the area.

Food distributors: dry, fresh and frozen

Sirio offers dry, fresh and frost food products, based on the type of product.

Servizi e prodotti per i distributori alimentari

The companies selected by Sirio

Italian quality products:
dry, fresh and frost food products

Logo Olicanto: organic hemp seed oil

Ansce Bio Generic

Olicanto is the organic hemp seed oil of the highest purity and with unique characteristics.

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Salami Factory

Emilia Salami factory specialized in the slaughtering of pigs and in the production of classic mortadella, mortadella with PDO Pistachio from Bronte, and with black truffle.

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Bresaola Factory

Valtellina company is part of the PGI Bresaola Consortium and processes fresh meats from top-quality cattle-breeds, such as COALVI certified Piedmontese, Chianina, Garronese, Limousine.

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Logo Salumificio Bertelli

Salami Factory

Veneto region Salami factory, it’s famous for its “rolled Montagnana lard” made up of seven different layers of lard.

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La Fattoria
di Parma

Parma factory specialized in the production of culatello, PGI Felino salami and culatello strolghino.

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Alto Adige company specialized in the production of PGI speck, typical cured meats, smoked and cooked pancetta, frankfurters.

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Logo Tino Paiolo - Fattorie di montagna - Mountain farms

Tino Paiolo – Fattorie di Montagna – Mountain farms

Piedmontese company specialized in the production of raw milk cheeses including Castelmagno DOP and Piedmontese DOP cheeses

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Salcis Salami and Cheese factory

Siena factory specialized in the processing of certified Tuscan meats and in the production and the aging of pecorino cheeses.

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Logo Antica Latteria di Crema

Antica Latteria di Crema

Cremery located in Cremona area specialized in cheese products from 100% italian cow and bufalo milk.

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Logo Sanguedolce - Apulian dairy company


Apulian dairy company specializing in the production of Apulian mozzarella and dairy products of excellence of the “made in Puglia”.

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Logo Mo Bufala - Dairy company

Mò Bufala

Dairy company from Andria specialized in the production of buffalo mozzarella and Apulian cheeses.

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Logo Pasta Armando


Pasta produced with 100% Italian chain of wheat, unique in color, aroma, cooking stability, consistency in the mouth and absorption of the sauce

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Logo del Pastificio Salento


Salentine company specialized in the production of fresh pasta, fresh stabilized pasta and dried pasta in traditional Apulian formats.

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Logo StemarPast


Genoese company specialized in the production of recipes of the Ligurian culinary and gastronomic tradition.

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Rossi Fresh Pasta Factory

Emilian factory specialized in the production of traditional rough-surfaced bronze wire-drawn pasta, real Modena tortellino, organic and vegan pasta.

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Logo Sapori Antichi

Sapori Antichi

Friulian company specialized in the production of colored pasta.

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Logo Portofino Fine Food

Portofino Fine Food

Ligurian company specialized in the production of Genoese pesto and high quality products of the Genoese and Ligurian cuisine

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Tartufi tentazioni

The Acqualagna company, with thirty years’ experience, specialized in the production of white truffle and black truffle products.

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Logo Oro Minerva


Molise company specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil (also flavored), vegetables and vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, pestos and spreads, artisanal tomato purée and preserves, condiments based on balsamic vinegar of Modena.

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Saffron Spez - Quality Spices


A Friulian company that has been producing, packaging and offering high quality saffron for over sixty years ago.

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Logo Bioitalia


Salerno company specialized in the production and trade of quality organic products.

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Logo azienda agricola Posterino

Azienda Agricola Posterino

Calabrian company with organic production: oil, pasta, preserves and sauces

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Le 2 mele

Traditional Imperia specialized in the production of jams, marmalades, compotes, sauces, ragouts.

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Logo Dolciaria Astensis


Piedmontese company specialized in the production of quality chocolate: bars and spreadable creams.

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Logo Di Ciaccio Pasticcieri artigianali since 1928

Di Ciaccio
Pasticcieri artigianali

Artisan workshop specializing in the production of traditional biscuits and sweets.

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Emilia company is the authorized distributor of all Parmigiano-Reggiano and Asiago P.G.I. branded products and official licensee of the Parmigiano-Reggiano and Asiago P.G.I. brand name.

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