To make a man happy, fill his hands with work , his heart with affection, his mind with a purpose, his memory with useful knowledge, his future with hope, and his stomach with food.
Frederick E. Crane

In 1991 Luigi Paci started his company as an independent sales agent in the food business. Sirio s.a.s. is the company that Luigi Paci founded in January 2009 together with his wife, Sabrina, to fulfill  his dream of discovering and selling the most outstanding Italian food products.

Luigi prefers to be  a multi-firm agent to be able to work  with different companies each one of which offers the best quality for a specific product. In a market that is rich in food companies, Luigi looks for the ones that can put together top quality raw material, state of the art processing, market appeal and profitability  plus post sale service.

Ever fascinated by the culture of good Italian food, Luigi, a Florentine by birth, has studied and worked in catering, learning to recognize the real differences between the many Italian top quality products. Driven by the desire to promote among retailers, the true holders and boosters of food secrets , the best gastronomic products of Italian tradition, he  began  investing his  energies into his “mission”.  This has  now become his real profession: searching  for regional gastronomic delicacies and selling them to the best shops and restaurants   all over Italy.

A close-knit team

In order to fulfil this dream, Luigi has  put together a solid team of more than 80 experienced professionals who share the same desire to rediscover the ancient flavors of topmost   Italian regional food products.

Looking for new markets: overseas

In recent years Luigi’s enthusiasm has crossed the Italian borders to reach the foreign market, where so many potential customers want to know Italy through high quality products,  a far  cry from the standards of supermarkets.