Salcis Salami and Cheese factory

Salcis Salami and Cheese factory was founded in 1941 with the aim of getting together all the  pork butchers which at the time produced Siena and Tuscan salami.

The Salami Factory

The factory only uses pork meat  from its own farms in the Arezzo and Siena countryside. Only fresh, non-frozen meat certified by Certiquality is processed. This guarantees that products are only made with meat from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Tuscany.

Available products: Tuscan PDO ham, fresh sausage (toscanelli), also flavored with truffles, fennel, chili pepper, rosemary; PGI Tuscan finocchiona, wild boar, deer, Chianti, truffle salami. The line produced with Cinta Senese pork meat includes cured ham, salami, finocchiona, capocollo, guanciale, pancetta tesa, briciolona, lard. Besides, the company produces cured ham from grey pig meat, soppressata wrapped in jute, truffle mortadella, wild boar mortadella, roast pork  tronchetto, lard.

Cheese factory

Only sheep milk from the company’s own sheepfolds  in Fogliano and in the Siena area is used  and processing takes place within 24 hours  of milking. Curdling takes place in small vats to keep cheese-making as traditional as possible.

Available products: Pecorino (sheep cheese) of different seasonings (from 20 days to 10 months), PDO Tuscan pecorino, sheep blue cheese, non pasteurized  milk cheeses,  truffle  flavored, seasoned in caves, seasoned with grape marc,  seasoned  in ash. Besides, cheeses flavored with garlic oil and chili peppers, with pesto, nuts, pistachio, truffle and saffron.

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    Salcis Salami and Cheese factory

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