Sapori Antichi

High quality colored pasta

Sapori Antichi is an historic Friulian company specialized in colored dry pasta. Production site is located in Villa Santina, a small town closed to the mountains in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Sapori Antichi’s products

Sapori Antichi produces colored dry pasta, egg pasta, flavored risotti, flavored & colored risotti, seasonings, infusions and colored salts.

Sapori Antichi’s colored pasta

Sapori Antichi produces a wide selection of colored pasta, such as cuoricini (small hearts shape), strozzapreti, wheels, fusilli, pine trees, pennoni, chef hats, Italian monuments, Tour Eiffel, gondole, farfalle in different shapes & colors like black and white or multicolour or rainbow or Italian flag….And also produces: porcini mushrooms tagliolini, squid ink tagliolini, lemon tagliolini, saffron tagliolini, basil tagliolini, truffle tagliolini ….and mach more! Please visit Company’s web site.

Sapori Antichi’s egg pasta

Sapori Antichi produces the following egg pasta: tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, spinach tagliolini and “paglia e fieno” (spinach and eggs tagliolini).

Sapori Antichi seasonings

Sapori Antichi makes your food experience very special offering a large choice of seasonings: wherever you are you can enjoy the great taste of an Italian seasoning for your pasta choosing one or more of the following products: Garlic bruschetta, basil sauce (pesto), crushed chili, carbonara, wild mushrooms mixed, truffles, puttanesca (tomato, onion, garlic, red pepper, basil, olives), siciliana (tomato, eggplant, parsley, capers and olives), mediterranean (tomato, onion, leek, pepper, basil, parsley, chives), Bolognese, Amatriciana (tomato, garlic, bacon, parsley, paprika), spicy, soffritto all’italiana (salt, onion, carrot, celery).

Sapori Antichi’s traditional rice

Sapori Antichi produces the following risotti: Spring vegetables risotto, porcini mushrooms risotto, truffle risotto, mushroom and saffron risotto.

Sapori Antichi’s coloured rice

Sapori Antichi also produces the following colored risotti: The German risotto, The 6 colors risotto, The black & white risotto, The red & yellow risotto, and The Italian flag risotto.

Sapori Antichi’s infusions

Sapori Antichi also produce amazing infusions: choose among the following flavors of Wild red berries, Black cherries, Vin brule or Winter magic.

Sapori Antichi flavoured salts

Sapori Antichi produces the following flavored salts: Porcini mushrooms salt, Basil salt, Spicy salt, Mix spices salt, Rose petals salt, Lemon salt, Truffle salt, Fresh herbs salt, Chianti wine salt, Mix wild flowers salt and Italian flag salt.

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